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Ballard of Horton, Kent & Wadhurst, Sussex

Branches also in Leicestershire, Surrey & Elsewhere.

In the Visitation of co. Sussex made in 1634 there is a long pedigree from Fulco Ballard, living 20 Edward III, who had George temp. Richard II, who had Robert who died 16 Henry VII. Robert's two sons are shown (1) Clement, of Horton, whose only son Nicholas died without issue, and (2) John, who settled in Lincolnshire, and had a son and two grandsons.

Another line is also shown, branching off early. George Ballard of Horton near Canterbury had Gregory, who had an eldest son Thomas, High Sheriff of Kent 31 Henry VI (issue mark), but the line goes on through the second son, Roger, who had Peter, who had John (male issued) and Thomas, who had sons Thomas of Wandsworth, co. Surrey, and Richard of Wadhurst, co. Sussex. The Arms allowed to the whole family were: Sable, a Griffin rampant Ermine. Crest, a demi Griffin Ermine. 

[College of Arms] 





Sable, a Griffin segreant Ermine. Crest, a demi Griffin segreant Ermine. Quartering, Quarterly argent and gules, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters a fret or, over all, on a bend, sable three fleur-de-lis argent. 

[Pedigrees of Sussex (1830)]

This is the quartering of Ballard with Spencer of New Mills and may have been borne by Thomas Ballard of Wadhurst in 1634 following his marriage to Mary Spencer, daughter of John Spencer.










Ballard (Horton, near Canterbury, and Wadhurst, co. Sussex): Sable a Griffin segreant ermine armed and gorged with a crown or, (another, without the crown). Crest - A demi-griffin with wings addorsed ermine beaked and legged or. [Burkes General Armory]

Sable a Griffin segreant ermine, armed and gorged with a crown or. Crest - A demi Griffin, with wings addorsed ermine, beaked and legged Or. [Encyclopaedia Heraldica Volume II]

A demi Griffin, wings addorsed, ermine, beaked and legged or. [Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland]

A pedigree is held for the Kent, Sussex and Leicestershire branches but there are no known Ballard descendants living.

My research shows that all published copies of this pedigree are incorrect and that despite the many claims on and elsewhere to be descended from this line they are all unsupported by research, evidence or analysis.

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