Ballard Genealogy and Heraldry


Ballard of Highbury, Middlesex

and Ludlow, Shropshire

On 6 May 1820 a Grant of Arms was made to Humphrey Ballard of Highbury Place, co. Middlesex (now part of North London), which was to include all the descendants of his late father, Humphrey Ballard of Ludlow, co. Salop: A pedigree was entered in the College of Arms records, from the Grantee's father only. The Grantee died without issue, but his brother had sons.

Sable a Griffin passant Ermine ducally gorged Or between two quatrefoils in chief and a crescent in base Or. Crest, a demi Griffin Ermine charged on the shoulder with five torteaux in corss and supporting with the claws a tilting spear erect the point broken off entwined by a branch of oak fructed proper. 

[College of Arms]

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