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or as a result of the First World War.


"War is a series of catastrophes that results in a victory." 

George Clemenceau (1841 - 1929)

For the Ballard families of the Commonwealth forces in the First World War there were no less than 166 major catastrophes - the loss of a son. The number of other catastrophes like disfigurement & insanity ... they are not measured here. This section is my tribute to the fallen by way of recording something of their biographies to provide an abiding memory of where they were from, the loved ones they had to leave and anything more I can provide to thank them with more than cold stone and an epitaph. Anyone who went to that war in any role deserves our thanks. I cannot yet provide recognition of all of those Ballards that returned but maybe one day ...... 

After ten years of research I have now managed to track down all 155 Ballards in UK units and 5 of the 11 Ballards in the ANZAC and Canadian forces.

If you have photographs, documents, medals, anecdotes, War Diary entries etc for any of the individuals then I would really like to be able to include them in this commemoration of the fallen. Better yet why not write a history of your fallen ancestor(s) and send it to me for inclusion on the website?

The loss of your child due to War must be very hard but spare a thought for the family of Henry & Sarah Ballard of Birmingham. Sarah had died in 1898 and Henry in June 1915 (with some suspicion that he committed suicide). This family lost the eldest son, Thomas, who died at Rooidam, South Africa in the second Boer war of 1900. They lost William in May 1915 as a result of shrapnel wounds & very soon George died in June 1915 at Ypres. In October 1917 Charles died at Passchendaele & in December 1917 Horace died reputedly as a result of war wounds. Walter died on 1st October 1918 at Sancourt, Nord, France. Finally after nearly twenty years suffering from war wounds the last brother, Alfred, died in 1935. Of eleven children there were nine brothers. Of these two died as small children, Alfred & Leonard, in 1892. The remaining seven sons all served in the Army & all died either in service or as a consequence of that service.

There were also two Ballard couples who lost three and a further eight families that lost two sons:-

Alfred Abraham & Martha Elizabeth Ballard of St Pancras, London; Abraham - 1915 Gallipoli, John Samuel - 1917 Ypres & Sidney - 1918 Pas de Calais. 

Charles & Grace Ballard of Sandown, Isle of Wight; Frederick - 1916 Pas de Calais, Richard - 1917 Jerusalem & Oliver - 1918 Nord.

Charles & Emma Ballard of Speenhamland, Berkshire; George - 1915 Gallipoli & Albert - 1918 Vimy Ridge

Frank & Maria Ballard of Rushden, Northamptonshire; Albert - 1915 Pas de Calais &  Frank - 1918 Pas de Calais

Edward & Susannah Ballard of Bolton, Lancashire; Alfred - May 1915 2nd Battle of Ypres & Thomas - Feb 1915 

Harriet Ballard a single mother of Basingstoke, Hampshire; George - 1916 Iraq and Arthur - 1918 Soissons.

Joseph & Mary Ann Ballard of Abingdon, Berkshire; John Henry - 1915 Pas de Calais & less than a year later Frederick (who won the Military Medal) - 1916 also at the Pas de Calais.

David & Harriet Ballard of Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire; Harry - 1916 Somme & Leonard - 1917 Pas de Calais

Charles & Eliza Ballard of Sudbury, Suffolk  within 6 months both at Ypres, William - Feb 1915 & John - August 1915

William Buggins & Elizabeth Ann Ballard of Battersea, London on consecutive days 12th & 13th September 1918.  William Richard Ballard & Thomas W Ballard were in different units but died in action just 4.5 km apart.


The most senior ranking deaths were Lt-Col Charles Naesmyth Bruere Ballard of 15 Brigade Royal Field Artillery killed at Boulogne in 1915 and Commander Charles Frederick Ballard of HMS Formidable sunk on 1 January 1915 while on Channel patrol off Portland Bill by torpedoes of German U-boat U-24. The ship sank quickly during bad weather resulting in the loss of 547 men from her complement of 780, and became the first battleship serving with the British Royal Navy to be sunk during World War I.

The most promoted was Charles Willard Ballard MC of the Royal Sussex Regiment who rose through the ranks from a Private in 1914 to a Captain when he was killed at Cambrai in 1917.

Not all of the fallen were casualties of war, little Albert Ballard a 5 feet 2 inch Cotton Spinner from Lancashire succumbed to pneumonia and died in Canterbury, Kent. Several survived the combat and died in the Spanish Influenza epidemic that tore through the army in late 1918.


Untraced ANZAC Forces

ABE BALLARD, Private, 409, 15th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F, who died on Tuesday, 1st June 1915.

Died of wounds at sea.



CHARLES ROBERT BALLARD, Private, 3004, 46th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F, who died on Monday, 14th August 1916. Age 19.

Son of William Henry and Mary Ballard, of 51, Wright St., Albert Park, Victoria, Australia. Native of Bendigo, Victoria. Pte Ballard enlisted on 7 July 1915 and embarked from Melbourne aboard HMAT Osterley on 29 September 1915. While serving with the 46th Battalion, he was wounded at Pozieres, France, and died on 14 August 1916, aged 19 years and eight months. Photograph at


VII. C. 13.

HAROLD BALLARD, Private, 4730, 54th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F, who died on Wednesday, 19th July 1916.

Harold Archurt Smith Ballard – per AWM


I. F. 35.

HEDLEY BALLARD, Private, 3471, 25th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F, who died on Wednesday, 15th November 1916.

Son of John and Ellen Ballard, of Glenrose Rd., Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland.


II. F. 7.

LEWIS WILLIAM BALLARD, Driver, 9656, 8th Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps, who died on Tuesday, 25th September 1917.

Army Medical Corps. From Victoria, aged about 25, 5 feet 8 inches, fair, clean shaven, wore glasses, “rather stout build”. “I believe at one time Ballard took part in Sir Enrest Shackleton’s Polar Expedition whilst in New Zealand but he did not accompany it”.

YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Panel 31

MILTON HOLLROYD BALLARD, Corporal, 4556, 45th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F, who died on Thursday, 7th June 1917. Age 20.

Son of Mary Jane Laird (formerly Ballard), of Yalgogrin North, New South Wales, and the late Edward George James Ballard. Native of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Shot in the head by a sniper at Messines.

YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Panel 7 - 17 - 23 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 31

NORMAN LOCKYER BALLARD, Lance Corporal, 2336, 9th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F, who died on Monday, 23rd July 1917. Age 22.

Son of the late George Thomas Ballard and of Annie Elizabeth Higgins (formerly Ballard), of Fordsdale, Queensland. Born at Gatton, Queensland.



WALTER JAMES BALLARD, Private, 28648, 2nd Bn., Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F., who died on Saturday, 30th March 1918. Age 40.

Son of the late James and Emily Ballard. Born at Nelson.



ARTHUR HENRY BALLARD, Private, 12825, 5th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regt.), who died on Saturday, 28th April 1917.


VIMY MEMORIAL, Pas de Calais, France


C A BALLARD, Private, 106073, 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.), who died on Monday, 5th June 1916.

Charles Albert Ballard born 4th December 1894 – per Veterans Affairs Canada.

TYNE COT CEMETERY, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

LIX. E. 6.

W BALLARD, Private, 444726, 4th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.), who died on Tuesday, 1st October 1918.

Walter Ballard born 27th March 1889 - per Veterans Affairs Canada.


I. D. 3.


Untraced UK Forces

A BALLARD, Private, 6221, 1st Bn., Royal Berkshire Regiment, who died on Saturday, 20th March 1920.

Albert Ballard per TNA Medal Roll Entered war 13/8/1914 so active or in reserve? Medal card says “Disch” and he was awarded the Silver War Badge so probably invalided out. Death Index for Mar Qtr 1920 has Albert Ballard aged 36 Chorlton Volume 8c page 1045 so he was born c1884.


Q. 391 (Screen Wall).

ALBERT EDWARD BALLARD, Private, TF/2434, 1st/8th Bn., Middlesex Regiment, who died on Friday, 15th September 1916.

Per Pension Roll entry in 1919 – mother Louisa Franklin aged 52; full brother Edgar Ballard aged 28; half siblings Kitty M Franklin aged 17, Thomas Franklin aged 15, Frederick Franklin aged 13. Mother lived in Brentford, Albert E aged 20 when enlisted in 1914. Born in Hertfordshire (?) in 1894. Found on 1901 Census with Louisa Handcocks and again on 1911 Census with John & Louisa Franklin. Born Hereford.


Pier and Face 12 D and 13 B

DENNIS ARTHUR BALLARD, Captain, 1st Bn., King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.), who died on, Wednesday, 12th December 1917. Age 20.

Only son of Mrs. E. H. Ballard, of 6, Cromwell Crescent, London, and the late Mr. W. H. Ballard, of Kangra Valley, India.



I. H. 2.

E G BALLARD, Rifleman, 575070, 2nd/17th Bn., London Regiment, who died on Sunday, 24th November 1918. Age 27.

Ward of Louisa Bennett, of 19B, Peabody Buildings, Orchard St., Westminster, London. 2nd/17th Bn was the Poplar & Stepney Rifles Terretorial Force. Ernest G per Medal Roll and also states Royal Army Medical Corps service number 2299. There was an Ernest George Ballard, Sep Qtr 1891, Fulham, Volume 1a Page 273. According to “Soldiers Who Died…” he was Ernest George Ballard who lived in Chelsea and enlisted at Westminster in the RAMC as Private No 1636 and then transferred the 17th (County of London) Battalion (Poplar and Stepney Rifles) as Private 575070.   The Medal Index Card shows that the medals were returned under KR 1743 as being “undeliverable”.


XI. D. 33.

FREDERICK CHARLES BALLARD, Rifleman, 42183, 10th Bn. attd. 21st Bn., Royal Irish Rifles, formerly S/20604), Rifle Brigade who died on Thursday, 21st March 1918.

Frederick Charles Ballard, resident of Finsbury, Middlesex.



Panel 81 to 84

GEORGE BALLARD, Private, 15459, 3rd Bn., Worcestershire Regiment, who died on Wednesday, 23rd June 1915.

George Ballard, born in Birmingham and resident in Worcester but enlisted in Birmingham. Killed in action at Ypres.


YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Panel 34

HENRY HERBERT BALLARD, Corporal, 265501, 1st/7th Bn., Royal Warwickshire Regiment, who died on Monday, 27th August 1917.

Henry Herbert Ballard; Jun Qtr 1895; Warwick; Volume 6d Page 639 Born St Paul’s, Warwick. Living with Grandparents in 1901 in Leamington, Warwickshire (Benjamin & Jeanette Jasper). Resident of Coventry & enlisted at Warwick. Killed in action. 

TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Panel 23 to 28 and 163A

JOHN BALLARD, Private, 70201, 2nd Bn., Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regt.), who died on Sunday, 15th October 1916.

Of Long Eaton according to Long Eaton & District Heritage Society. Born Long Eaton, Derbyshire and lived in Derby but enlisted in Long Eaton. Killed in action on the Somme.  


Pier and Face 10 C 10 D 11and 11 A

JOHN EDWARD BALLARD, Aircraftman 2nd Class, 261193, 18th Balloon Base, Royal Air Force, who died on Tuesday, 28th January 1919.

Mar Qtr 1919 John E Ballard Aged 45 Leicester Volume 7a page 465

Born 1865.  

LEICESTER (WELFORD ROAD) CEMETERY, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

GraveReference/Panel Number: K. U. 613.

O H BALLARD, Private, 39600, 8th Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment, who died on Saturday, 18th November 1916.

Oscar Herald Ballard born Mysore, India, son of Mrs. E. Ballard, of 19, Anerley Rd., Crystal Palace, London. Enlisted at Chelmsford as no 9696 with the Royal Fusiliers and transferred to the Gloucestershire Regiment 8th Service Battalion as Private, 39600. Killed in action on the Somme.  


C. 57.

RICHARD BALLARD, Sapper, WR/20023, 301st Railway Construction Coy., Royal Engineers, who died on Friday, 1st November 1918.

Richard Ballard, born Wandsworth, Surrey and resident of Winchester, Hampshire. Enlisted at Chiswick, Middlesex. Died.

 Richard Christopher Ballard; Mar Qtr 1889; Wandsworth; Volume 1d page 751


VI. F. 18.

ROBERT BALLARD, Private, 10632, 1st Bn., The King's (Liverpool Regiment), who died on Wednesday, 10th March 1915.

Robert Ballard, born Armagh, Ireland and resident in Liverpool. Enlisted in Belfast, Ireland. Killed in action.


LE TOURET MEMORIAL, Pas de Calais, France

Panels 6 to 8

T J BALLARD, Private, 22033, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, attd. 1st Garrison Bn., Worcestershire Regiment who died on Friday, 19th October 1917. Age 50.

Thomas Ballard, husband of Mrs. Ballard, of 71, Stebondale St., Cubitt Town, Poplar, London. Born Kentish Town, Middlesex. Formerly a Private, 3/818 with the Wiltshire Regiment.

GRO Death Index Dec Qtr 1917 Thomas Ballard aged 51 Isle of Wight Volume 2b page 739.  



W BALLARD, Rifleman, A/823, Depot,, King's Royal Rifle Corps, who died on Sunday, 23rd May 1915.

From the Short Service Attestation papers we know that William Ballard, was born Ladywood, Warwickshire. Previously with the Royal Welch Fusiliers time expired. He was aged 34 years 4 months on re-enlistment 17/8/1914 (born April 1880). He went to France 28/1/1914 and home 13/1/1915 having received a severe GSW to leg (knee). He returned to France 25/4/1915 and was again returned to the UK on 13 May 1915 this time with a shrapnel wound to the knee.On 15/5/1915 he died of wounds in Glasgow General Hospital. His next of kin was stated to be his father, Henry Ballard of 27 Hospital Street, Birmingham but this is later superceded (2-7-1920) by stepmother Mrs Catherine Ballard 6 House 12 Court Cecil Street, Birmingham she having also been described simply as his mother. There was also a prior instruction for the property & effects etc to go to Horace Ballard, C Ward, Yardley Road Sanatorium, Birmingham. Height 5’ 8” weight 141 lbs chest 37” hair dark brown eyes hazel fresh complexion. Probably the one who in 1891 census is in the Corporation of Birmingham Industrial School at Fillongly aged 11, inmate born Birmingham.


H. 1467A.


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