Ballard Genealogy and Heraldry


Here you will find Ballard research material gleaned from the UK National

Archives & other sources.

These archives contain transcripts of English primary sources that I have gathered over the past twenty years. I have grouped records of a similar type together so that all wills can be accessed from one page, all Inquisition Post Mortems (IPM's) from another page etc. This makes it easier to administer the site and hopefully stops you from getting lost!

The IPM's are from the Public Record Office collection in London either from Class C142 or WARD7. The Wills are an accumulation from many repositories, each one contains details of repository and reference. 

Please note that most of this material has been extracted from the National Archives and transcribed by professional researchers. It is not available elsewhere in this form and I would draw your attention to my copyright policy which I actively monitor.

For a very impressive collection of Ballard material check out Adrian Ballard's site

If you have English reference material that would be of benefit to others please consider sending me a copy for inclusion on this site.

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