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I began my interest in family history when I was 18 years old. I had often heard my older relatives talking about various Uncles, Aunts & cousins and at the time I still had a great grandmother. Unfortunately, as so often seems to happen, I was just getting started in tracing the family tree when my Great Gran died. Undeterred I contacted my great Aunts and Uncles for information and off I went.

More than thirty five years later I am still hooked and now have a family tree covering all lines for at least six generations. Additionally I have traced my wife's family tree in all lines covering the same number of generations. If you are interested in genetic genealogy then an analysis of my mtDNA and yDNA can be found here. The extensive Ballard & Le Fleming Hodgson tree can be found in the Genealogy section.

I hit a brick wall in my Ballard line many years ago - still searching for John Ballard marrying an Allis in the south of England somewhere around 1670 - and began my wider interest in all Ballard genealogy & heraldry. I became especially interested in the medieval Ballard families and this site contains a lot of the source material from the UK National Archives and elsewhere upon which my research has been based.

Other Hobbies

In addition to genealogy I fly fish, tie my own flies and build my own rods. I am a wood turner, gardener, ecologist, "Folly builder", plaster caster and one or two other things. 

You can check out Clare's website here: -

Needle Felted Sculptures of animals, flowers & people.  Gifts and heirloom or commissioned pieces.


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