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This page describes the Conditions of Use of information prepared by me (Paul J Ballard) and placed by me on or elsewhere within the public domain.. All pages are prepared by me and may contain transcripts, images, database content, and material authored by myself, and others. These conditions apply to the full content of any page which is identified by the above statement or which is accessed via a URL containing Pages I've created may also from time to time include significant amounts of material contributed by other researchers. This is clearly identified as such, and permission has always been obtained beforehand. However, unless it says otherwise, the same Conditions of Use will apply as if I were the contributor.   Summary of Conditions of Use: Copies of genealogical research data collected and prepared for the web by Paul J Ballard may be used freely by individuals pursuing their own family history research provided that proper citations are given. If you are unsure please ask.  This does not, however, extend to any of the graphic images, whether photographic or otherwise and these have been marked to enable identification wherever they may be used.

My aim in making transcripts of medieval documents and other data available on the Web is to make data from various sources available to those who would not otherwise have access to them. It is our intention that this data should be available free, but only for personal use (normally with respect to genealogy or local history). Personal use means exactly that, use by you and not by other people. If, however, you are going to publish (i.e. make more than one copy of) your family or local history then you need the permission of the copyright holder to use the data, regardless of whether or not you are charging the recipient for the publication.

Copies may NOT be made for sale, either on microfiche, or on shareware (or similar) collections on CDROM or any other form of storage medium electronic or otherwise, or for any other commercial purpose whatsoever. Copies may not be added to other online collections either for free, or commercial access without permission.
Any references to, or quotations from this material should also give credit to any original author(s) and/or data source. Links to this information from other web pages are welcomed, but please DO NOT copy this information as a whole to your own web site, or submit it for inclusion into other online databases whether free, or commercial. Please also note that this restriction includes but is not limited to sites that allow you to post your family tree online such as and Genes-Reunited. If you wish to post to these sites and use ANY of my research or analysis in your family tree then please contact me first for the appropriate wording in the citation that you use.   Please ensure any published extracts include a statement of these Conditions in full; any electronic extract (posting to Mailing Lists, &c.) should include a reference to the URL (web page address) of the page you obtained the information.

Breaches of copyright:

Breaches of copyright will usually be pursued simply by requesting the removal of the data. Flagrant breaches or any Commercial use will, however, be met with an invoice from me (of a value determined by me, depending on the severity of the breach). Failure to pay the invoice will be followed by an application to the small claims court in the UK for payment of the invoice plus all associated expenses.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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If these conditions seem to you to a little dictatorial, please bear with me whilst I explain why I feel they are necessary. Generally speaking, if you are a family history researcher like me, pursuing your own family history as a hobby, and you are NOT seeking to copy information I've collected to your own web site there is nothing to worry about - please use the information freely, and with my best wishes. This page is aimed mainly (but not only) at those who would attempt to make monetary gain from my (or other people's) endeavours, or to present material I've prepared (perhaps unwittingly) as their own. Much of the material which is to be found on this website is held in one or more databases by me, and software to which I own the copyright is used to extract the relevant data and generate the pages which you see on these sites. A United Kingdom Act of 1997 specifically covers the compiling and use of database material. The notice below is required to be displayed in order to give me protection under this Act: Database Right: All databases used for these websites are covered by the 1997 Database Regulations. Paul J Ballard (and others as stated on the relevant pages) are the makers of the databases used for these websites and the owner(s) of the database rights. First published in 1999. Despite the copyright notice below, this page has been placed in the "Public Domain" by Colin Hinson. If you are having problems similar to those mentioned above, or simply need a page to work from, then you are very welcome to copy and modify page for your own use on the Internet. The only condition of use for this is that you include this paragraph. Please note that some of my material as been collected over a period of time and may, through unintentional human error, have had source and copy notices omitted. If you feel this to be the case please contact me and I will rectify or remove the corresponding items.

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